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St. Peter's - Charlotte, NC


When ever I go to Charlotte, NC I stop by St. Peter’s Catholic Church. It is the church of my childhood and connects me to my Lonergan ancestors. 

I did not learn anything about the North Carolina Lonergan family until I was 55 years beyond my Baptism at St. Peters. They were Irish immigrants, Catholics and stone cutters. They gave their tithe to build St. Peter’s on land James Lonergran sold to the Church. 

Four Lonergan men from Tipperary raised the original brick walls with their own hands. One of the men, Edward Lonergan, was my four great grandfather. In 1850 most of the small band of Catholics in Charlotte lived in the shadow of the modest spire of this small red brick church. 

I step off the sidewalk of South Tryon Street, up the few brick steps and into the vestibule. I feel at home in the colored light which fills the santuary. I recognize the warm earthy hues cast by the stained glass windows as the light shines through them. The centered figures of saints on the glass still stand serenely in arched niches surrounded by geometric patterned panels. 

These windows fascinated me when, as a child, I lay on the hard oak pew next to Daddy and waited impatiently for Mass to end. I absorbed the glowing colors and simple shapes and they formed the aesthetic that guides my eyes and hands today when I compose bits of colored paper and fabric into abstract compositions that suggest backlit stained glass windows. 

These comfortable mysterious spaces speak to me of the sacred -- the sweet fragrance of beeswax candles -- pungent incense -- the echoes of Latin chants. 

Back on the sidewalk the sight of the near-by new pride of Charlotte, a behemoth sports arena and tall buildings which loom over the city like menacing towers, yanks me back to the present - into the presence of progress. 

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Easter Sunday 1945 - After Mass at St. Pater's Catholic Church on Tryon Street where it was built in 1851 by our Irish ancestors who were brick builders, everyone gathered at the Diggle home on Central Avenue for a scrumptious Southern feast and to be with the family for Easter. The dining room round table was so crowded the kids ate at a long table in the breakfast room. The cousins picture was taken in the "side yard" probably by our Aunt Catherine who always had her camera in hand and collected the photos. I think my two piece outfit was deep rose pink and I was wearing my first straw hat.
It was a noisy gathering. The rooms were filled with laughter and talking, fun and games for all - and no television distractions.
Cousins: L - R. Sandra, 3 sisters -Kathy, Linda, and Ellouise, and Sandra's brother Tommy.
A dear memory.
Trip Barber Tina Barber @KarenLSchoettler Dena Diggle Ayers

Memorial for one of my Lonergan relatives who died on a journey home to Tipperary.. mid 1800's. He died on the sea and they slid his body into the Atlantic. The top on this concrete was made by a family member who carved the story of his death into the stone. Another grave in the yard around St. Joseph's Catholic Church, NC. Now I am reviewing information I have on them.

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A Special Momento
Bought this cup in a small shop in Newton, NC when Jim and I went there hoping to find information about Doctor Benjamin Morris Cobb. Well we found him, that is true but I became more involved with things like storytelling etc. so I slipped up on the family history. Once I began the genealogy class this February I realized I had to finish up my lines and get their stories together for my family. Today I made surprise calls to Newton....and magically ... magically connected with agenealogical librarian at the City Library!!! The Cobb family was recognized to him and I think the Lonergans will be known to him too. He jumped forward ready to help me reconnect with my 3rd great grandfather and put me on the same long line with WW1 dough boy, John Walter Cobb jr. I love researching family history. I am so grateful to people like Librarian Evelyn Rhodes at the Newton Library who helped me start long ago...she was so enthusiastic about finding family members and stories.  Robin S. Fox Jim SchoettlerKathy Diggle McGill Robert Lowry Robert Diggle Sandra Hutchins DixonTrip Barber Louise Lowry Barr Lynn Palermo
the Cobb group in 1989.
On the cup I wrote:
August 28, 1989
Bought this in Newton, NC to celebrate “finding” B. M. Cobb with the help of genealogy librarian Evelyn Rhodes.”

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