Thinking of writing.

Computer has gotten between me and the ink pen
and, I miss it.

But - maybe I can have both.

Read an ad the other day for the Live Scribe pen and I am tempted
to buy one.
You write, on special paper, it records and transfers it directly to the computer - so you have both.


Have to admit.
I had one of the Live Scribe pens a few years ago

As always, I was attracted by the new gimmick
But I was a little less techno-savvy then
and I did not really learn how to use it.

Also it was big and I felt like my little hands did
when I first handled the big and awkward fat first grade crayons.

And then there is the temptation to try all the tricks of Evernote.
Use it with the special Moleskin notebooks and the new pixel stylus
so that your handwritten notes are automatically synched to
your computer and all your other devices that have Evernote on them.
Write once on a synched connection and its with you everywhere
on any device you are carrying.

Mind-boggling isn't it?????

How much connecting do I need?

How much do I want?????

All of it - that's what - -

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