Grateful for a special connection

These days on Facebook many people are talking about or making lists of the things the feel grateful for in their days or lives.

Its a nice thing to do and its a nice thing to read. Reading what others value and are grateful for prompts me to feel grateful.

Some things surprise me.

Others I have been grateful for over time but never thought to tell people about.

For instance the glasses I have on in this picture.

I used them at the recent Capital Fringe when I was telling The Hello Girls to distinguish one of the characters.

They are old, vintage - and very special for me.

In 2011 when I was telling Finding Gus for the first times at the Capital Fringe I realized there were several women in the story I needed to distinguish - to separate - and I thought glasses would be perfect to use. Small, easy to carry and change and that began a search. I found the first two pairs I needed but was disappointed because I had really hoped for a pair of "cat-eyed" glasses - and jeweled would be wonderful - and I could not find a pair.

One afternoon, on my birthday actually, Jim said he had a few errands to run and he was gone quite a long time.  He went to the "antiques row" in near-by Kensington - going in and out of quite a number of shops until he found the glasses I am wearing in this picture.  He gave them to me for my birthday. I was so touched that he had pursued the glasses with such determination that he actually found them.  I wore them when telling Finding Gus - and I will be wearing them when I tell Finding Gus in Georgia in August.

When I needed a way to single out three of The Hello Girls - there they were again. As your see, I wore these glasses.  I am so grateful to have them - because I can use them in a story but more - -
I  am so grateful they bring Jim close
and remind me vividly of his kindness, thoughtfulness and caring.

I am a very sentimental person -
objects that have meaning and stories are important to me.
as these glasses are -
especially when they also carry a story and a sense of connection.

Once again I celebrated my birthday during the Capital Fringe
and Jim was with me to bless my new story.

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