If not California - then Venice

Happy Birthday, Jim

June 13 is the Feast Day of Saint Anthony of Padua - and its Jim's birthday - and the reason his name is James Anthony Schoettler.

In 2003 when we had our long vacation in Venice we took a day for a trip to Padua  - a pilgrimmage to visit the Cathedral , St. Anthony's tomb and to see the Giotto frescos in the Arena Chapel, also in Padua. It was a marvelous sunny day filled with wonders. 
Last March we went to visit Jim's brother Harold in Huntington Harbor, CA when we were out for the Rogue Festival. Here Jim is standing on the front deck on a perfect Southern California morning.

One of the things Jim hoped to do in February this year was "go to California" his home state. His time ran out before we could make the trip.

For his birthday - I choose to think of him there -

And, maybe also in Venice - our special heart-place.

"How's it going" people ask. "About like you'd expect" I answer. I have good days and bad days when its raining inside and outside - I do cry often. But that's not all bad you know. It is sometimes hard but it is also sweet - as I think of Jim and appreciate the days and years we shared.

I keep busy. Because that's what I do. And I pretend sometimes that things are better for me than they really are - because that is also what I do.

Yes, I am telling stories again - with Better Said than Done. And preparing for five performances at the Capital Fringe. I thought bringing back Pushing Boundaries would be "easier" than anything else - but that's not right. Jim is so much a part of the story that I cannot tell it without crying. Now that's not going to work. So I am rewriting the program. It is still strong and on target - if a bit different.

But, hey, everything is different for me.


megan hicks said...

You're talking about it, too. That elephant in the living room is a topic of your conversations, and I think that would make Doctor Schoettler proud.

Anonymous said...

Hugs, courage, laughter for you . . .
Thanks for sharing the lovely memories.