Hear the History

First time out of the box in 30 years... radio ads used in the unratified states during the final push towards the 6/30/82 ERA ratification deadline to inspire mainstream America to back the amendment by reaching out to homemakers, fathers, adult sons, and military wives. First of a series/more to come... includes the ERA song and ERA America commentary talking to potential donors to pay for more air time. Did you know these existed? These ads were developed by members of the Advertising Women of New York under the aegis of the National Business Council for ERA. The Business Council was a campaign initiative developed and managed by the League of Women Voters of the US.


Anonymous said...

Weird...I don't recall ever seeing or hearing anything like these. I know I was alive then...wasn't I? Let's see..80's...didn't have t.v., married working, supported ERA....WTH?


The video was constructed recently as a way to post the AUDIO ads not as TV ads in the 1980s. The ads were played on radio - aimed primarily for "drive time slots." They were aired in the unratified states particularly NC, SC, VA, GA, and Florida. Campaign funds were limited so all air-time purchases were selected to match active state efforts.