Toe River Storytelling Festival
NC  - Last summer
July 2011
A lovely week-end and nice memories of the people, my storytelling, and our time together.

June 6 - three months ago today Jim died. It won't surprise anybody that there were a few rough moments for me during the day.

I taped a story for my TV show and found that I had to edit a couple of things - - or it was too close for comfort. That wise woman storyteller Elizabeth Ellis warned me a couple of months ago that I should watch out because there were probably traps in some of my storie. She's absolutely right.  But you can't stay home because there are black clouds over-head. So I try to plan ahead and circle my wagons when I feel threatened.

Right now I am into count down mode for the Capital Fringe. June 16 tickets go on sale and my first show is July 14. Right now my full focus is on rehearsing and planning the advertising and marketing. Along with all the other things you have on the list to keep life going. Not whining really just saying some days are packed.
For me right now, that's good.

My daughter  Robin is helping me, especially with developing strategies for using social media and I am mighty grateful to have her working with me on the marketing.

Going through files and files of pictures looking for materials to use as we develop material about Pushing Boundaries is an emotional trip down memory lane. Grief seems to be sharpening my memort recall. I am remembering vivid details and I can feel myself going deeper into the stories which makes for a very personal journey. More will be revealed.

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