Willa Brigham and her wooden hat!

North Carolina storyteller Willa Brigham came to town yesterday to
 tape a guest spot on Stories in Focus, my Channel 16 TV show.

 Along with her joyous outlook she brought her gorgeous wooden hat. The hat comes with an original story and song.

Two years ago I saw Willa and her hat and heard her story at a small festival in VA and never forgot it. You won't either when you hear it here as soon as I have the tape.

Willa calls herself an "Inspirational storyteller" and she is. She brings an infecticious laugh and broad smile to her stories and lessons which re-enforces her positive outlook and life lessons.
Its not suprising that she is a sought-after performer and that her NC TV show has been a six time nominee and two time winner for the coveted EMMY.

And there was a surprise. At the break Willa casually told me she had once accompanied the  Quilters of Gees Bend on a tour of colleges as their "Opener." I was thunderstruck and maybe you will be too if you love quilts, know of these exceptional women and their work, or have seen an exhibit of their incedible quilts. Ah, storytellers can turn up in some unexpected places. It was a perfect place for Willa, who, in addition to being a storyteller, is a quilter.|

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