Need a Graphic?

Deadline for the poster for FINDING GUS is looming.

Robin says: "we need a graphic... something like Gus in his football photo."

Good idea.

"work your magic, mom."  She was calling on my artist side - we know a few tricks.
"like you did for your book"


Its quick and fast.
Use a sharpie - in this case I used an artist sketching pen -

Trace the image you want onto a piece of clear plastic.

I use a plastic paper sleeve - place an enlarged printed image of the target inside the sleeve to keep it in place - and get to work.

As I am drawing for an out-line image - I scanned the figure with heightened contrast to create more distinct light and dark shapes.

There you have it!

Then I scanned the completed image and emailed it.

Now it was Robin's turn for a little magic.

The poster is ready.

Printed - at Staples - glossy paper 
it looks great
and I hope will bring folks in 
to hear the story
at the Capital Fringe.

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