Good advice

Yesterday I was led to a blog written by a young woman who is in the Armed Forces and training for deployment to Afghanistan. She is in my family.

I might have thought I knew her but after reading her open, honest, well-written posts I can see following her blog - is a chance to really KNOW her.

I am grateful for this opportunity - as a veteran of the Second Wave -  to walk along with a younger woman of the Third Wave - who is living it.

You could say its a report from the FRONT - - on many sides.

I read back through her posts - to catch up - and see right away that following her is going to be a learning experience. She is a woman - an officer - holding her own in a man's world - - WAR.

In dealing with difficult days in training she recognizes mentors and seeks advice. Good advice. She describes how one mentor told her:
"Stop trying to prove yourself and just BE yourself."

I will be thinking about that myself.

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