I buy and cook asparagus often. Its easy, dresses up a meal and I love it. I am so known to love asparagus - especially the slender, baby spears - that Jim's mother used to stock the refrigerator and have the bright green bundles waiting for me on our visits to California. I have eaten it for breakfast, lunch and supper. Asparagus as a side with scrambled eggs - ambrosia.

When I was a kid Mama bought canned asparagus at the Big Star on Central Avenue when she wanted to dress up a special meal - you know, the fat, muddy green, soggy spears. She would put them on a platter with a huge dollop of creamy Duke's mayonnaise - maybe some red tomato slices -as a side dish. Even then I liked them - mostly because they were supposed to be a special treat.

I don't remember the exact time or place I discovered fresh cooked asparagus but after that moment there was no going back.

It might have been about the time I discovered that green beans did not have to be cooked with fat-back until they were black - although that is the way I like them best and will feast until I am full on the memories of my grandmother's house on East Seventh Street.


jennifer moore said...

My mother hates asparagus and always told me it was a dirty disgusting vegetable. I was 36 when I had it for the first time, it is delicious and I love it!

Nancy Schimmel said...

Fresh steamed asparagus on good bread with mayo. Best sandwich ever, gives you the fresh of now and the mayo of memory.