Tales in the Village

Tales in the Village is a new component of the Programs at Friendship Heights Village Community Center in Chevy Chase, MD. Program Director Anne O'Neill loves and supports storytelling and I really appreciate the opportunity to "produce" Tales and sometimes take the stage myself.

Last night Slash Coleman was the featured performer at Tales in the Village. There was a very attentive and appreciative audience who left giving me a "thumbs up" or a "it was great" as they departed.
Not that I was in the least surprised. Slash is one of my favorite performers with his inventive stories which he tells in such a welcoming style that his audience can easily enter his "world".

Maybe Slash is going to be performing in your home area. His calendar is on his website and he will be in
at the International Storytelling Center, Jonesborough, May 24-28. A nice time of year to visit TN.

Yesterday afternoon Slash and I taped a Focus on Stories interview for Channel 16 which I will post here as soon as I have the CD.

Slash and I will see each other again soon in Woodruff, SC. Really looking forward to telling with him April 29 and 30 at
Stone Soup Storytelling Festival.

This week Elizabeth Wallace posted a nice write-up in The Examiner
on Tales in the Village which high-lighted it as a new storytelling venue in the Washington DC area.  Really glad that she has started covering storytelling for them. Not only is Elizabeth a good writer but she knows the ins and outs of storytelling as an art-form which promises coverage with informed insight.

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