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e. schoettler

Whirling  - that's what I am doing.

Two weeks from today Jim and I will be in Woodruff, SC where I will be a featured teller at the
Stone Soup Storytelling Festival  - telling with Slash Coleman, The Story Crafters, Chetter Galloway and others. Hearing new stories, renewing friendships and meeting lots of new people. The Director, Karyn Page Davies has put together an exciting week-end. FUN! FUN! FUN!

But before I can get to the FUN I have to get myself together. You can't leave home without having the home front taken care of as well as loose ends on other projects in order.

Other projects - now there is the rub. Turns out the graphics and other paperwork for the July Capital Fringe are due while I am on the road - meaning I will prep now and finish from the road. Thank heavens for the computer.

It used to be that when you traveled "working" everything had to have been done before you stepped out the office door. I can recall working myself into a swivet when I was going on a road trip for the League and NARAL, grateful I had an assistant in the office who could follow-up for me but I had to have my part planned and competed before I left.

Certainly - as a "solo" business I don't have an at-home assistant to follow up - its all me - no matter where I am. However - these days I pack a road-office to keep things going.

My road office:
I use a rolling back-pack because its easy to manage - handy - and I can use it as my carry-on bag if I am flying. In the car I stash it behind my seat. (By the way - I carry a version of the road-office around town, especially if I know I will be waiting for appointments. )

 My basic road-office supplies:

 computer, ipod and recorder, iPhone along with all the STUFF
  • the electric computer power cord and a three-prong so I can charge them in the car
  • extra USB cords for the iPod and iPhone
  • a three prong adapter to plug into a car charger when I am not charging from the USB port.
  • flash drives with files, photos and for back-up
  • a broad-band card to make sure I can access the internet where ever I am - when I have opportunities to work or have to follow-up quickly.
  • a camera cord to down-load photos
  • camera batteries/battery charger
  • cameras and flip video 
For a long trip and/or when I think I might REALLY NEED it I take a small printer and paper.

Since, on this trip I am presenting a genealogy/storytelling workshop and may stop at some libraries along the way - I am including the portable scanner.

You see why a rolling backpack or suitcase is a boon.

Additional helpful supplies:
scotch tape
glue stick
small stapler
push pins
three-hole punch
index cards
Sharpies of several sizes
address labels
blank labels
note cards - for thank you notes
envelopes - for receipts and other stuff
journal to carry - record trip info, emails etc.
extra journal 

AND  - - - a TRIP PLAN. More on that later.

Are you saying - "this is over-the-top" ? 

Have you forgotten the Girl Scout motto?
Be Prepared.

Works for me.

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Kate Dudding said...

Over-the top? Nah. Your COMPLETE traveling office makes me think of the 6 Ps:
Performance :-)

Hugs, Kate