Catching Up: Two Friends

It seems like ages since I wrote on this blog - - and in fact, it is. I have had too many balls in the air and just could not keep up. A part of me feels quilty to break my rhythm and not write everyday. However, like most things - I was requiring that of myself. Isn't that always the way - we are our toughest taskmasters. So - - I am giving myself a break!

Over these busy few weeks there has been a lot of fun.

My friend storyteller Bernadette Nason was in town from Texas. We had a House Concert in the living room - oops that's the Brierly Road Theater - and heard stories of the years she lived in Libya - funny and timely. A lovely Sunday afternoon gathering of storytellers and story-lovers.

Bernadette and I told together at the Puro Cafe in Georgetown for one of the Washington, DC SWAN events. (That's celebrate woman artists NOW!)

Around the edges of her schedule we visited. And, when Jim unexpectedly was admitted to the hospital Bernadette stepped up and held down the home front and charmed Leia, our strong willed Shih Tzu so that she is moping a bit since Bernadette headed back to Austin.

Last but not least Bernadette gave us this lovely teapot and taught me how to make a proper British cup of
tea - something I have long wanted to know how to do. Now, if you stop by and - like Maisie Dobbs of Jacqueline Winspear's novels - are gasping for a cup of tea ----- I am ready.

On another note:
Nancy Cusick Fox
My friend, colleague, and former art professor Nancy Cusick Fox died April 1, 2010. Friday night I hosted a gathering of friends to remember Nancy and share stories. Nancy was a dynamic, interesting,
energetic and funny woman - as well as a compassionate and caring friend. She was a talented artist, teacher and a memorable figure in the women's artist movement and on the Washington Art Scene.

Wonderful to have Cynthia Navaretta (NYC) join the group. She and I told stories of our trip to the 1985 UN Conference on Women with Nancy. Very funny stories - especially how Nancy saved the day when we were tossed out of our hotel because of a room shortage. She found us a space in a funky place outside town where we occupied rooms for ten days that usually rented by the hour - and were grateful for a roof over our heads.

Sara Stout, Carol Lukitsch and Marilyn Horrom.
Marilyn was active in the Washington Women's Arts Center - along with Sara. Then Sara and Carol were members of long-time respected artists co-op gallery, Gallery 10. The three of us were part of Gallery 10's five city exhibition tour in Italy in 2001. Carol and Nancy roomed together and she told us stories of their mis-adventures.

 Laura Huff, Claudia Vess and Lynda (Cynthia Navaretta's niece)
Laura was part of the Masks for Unmasking Group with Nancy and 7 other artists. We worked on a collaborative project which drew on women's personal experience. 
Claudia was a long time friend - from Washington Women's Arts Center, Women's Caucus for Art and Gallery 10.

 As the stories flowed we were tied together by all the history we share  - - and nodded affectionately to Nancy who also was a part of it all.

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