Odd Bits

Fine evening of stories in Kensington last night with tellers
Liz Nichols and Miriam Nadel. They told a satisfying mix of personal stories and tradional tales. Hard to believe I have been producing these evenings for five years.

Jim and I "paid" for the movie "The Tourist" on FIOS ON DEMAND a couple of nights ago. It stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The best thing about this ridiculous film is that it is shot in Venice - and we loved the location shots.
Grateful there was something that made it worth $4.99 to us.

Jim bought a bag of large, very thick-skinned oranges. Peeling them is an exercise and they do taste good.

Leia is very glad that we are home and things seemed settled.
I feel guilty planning our trip South at the end of the month  -
she will not appreciate our being gone that long.
Sorry, girl.

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