First Day of 2021

Today is the first day of the New Year - 2021  with much to hope and pray for.

It has been gray and cold all day under pattering  rain. 

Thanks to Zoom technology we laughed together with our family - some in Maryland, Virginia and others from Californina - - an hour and a half of laughing which felt wonderful to me.

Doodling helps me put thoughts together--- especially since I am still living tacked down under quarantine rules for protection from Covid-19. 

Catching up with people on the telephone calls helps me stay put at home happily,

January 1st, the first day 0f 2021my friend Lucy and I caught up on how the holidays have gone with her- and with me.  I love talking with Lucy -- she and I have known each other for 48 years so we have plenty to talk about from those days and we also keep up with how the world is changing everyday.

            That day word came quietly by iPhone or email to let people know that Ann Zahn had died.  Ann was a member of the Washington Women's Art Center the same time Lucy and I were. For years we knew each other, often exhibited together, stopped to chat, worked on art projects and two years ago Lucy and I photographed and interviewed Ann as one of the early members of WWAC.  Ann Zahn was a wonderful artist, an imaginative printmaker, a teacher - -  and a dear friend. She will be missed and remembered by many.

Early in the evening Jim's youngest sister called from California. We laughed at family stories with Jim in them. I  reminded her that Dec. 30th was our 65th wedding anniversary. She laughed, "time flew by."

While we were talking I told her that a few days ago I noticed his eyes were following me from his picture  hanging on our bedroom wall.  "I loved it." 
"Ofcourse," she answered, "its a little miracle."

Thanks God for little miracles.