Frightening Days on the Front Yard in Washington, DC

Since Wednesday the days have been heavy, difficult and fearful.

That morning I rolled over in the bed and turned the TV on early. Things were not being filmed in a studio. All was going on outside. People continued to march up the street and stepping out onto the grassed area. And the crowd moved together shoulder to shoulder to the steps at the front of the Capital, a large sacred building where the crowd was calling out to the speakers standing at a microphone. All the people, mostly men,  were dressed as though they were going to a war.  It did not take long to hear and realize this was not a picnic or a colorful egg search - - -  it was an attack ---- by Americans - dressed up like members of militia groups. 

Ofcourse I was not close by  - -  I was watching from my bed room  

- - thanks to the cameras I could see and hear it all - -  which made it very terrifying.

Three days of watching the reports on what's happened. 5 people killed - on the US ground. The President has not been heard since his rally talks on Wednesday. He did not speak himself now  but many others, voices on TV were talking about him and what he has done - - and there could be more things  - - frightening,  frightening things - - -  in the time before he  loses his power as President January 20th. 

    But there has been a terrific surprise ---- 



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