Back to Normal

 My apologies. I have not written for quite sometime because there has been
so much going on in the world I just did know what I wanted to talk about.

During the election for President I watched CNN much too much. Many have written excellent articles about the coverage - which left me, a Hillary supporter, furious one moment and then frustrated and disappointed the next. Then it was over. I am not one of the happy people. I have stopped watching CNN and anything else other than Public TV.

Fake news? What is fake news? I grew up trusting good journalists. Now I have learned that you have to be very careful about the articles you read.

I guess the biggest disappointment is seeing the appointments and reading that the Republicans in Congress are already speaking out about their plans to gut ObamaCare and then use a blunt knife on medicare and medicaid.

By November 15 I completely turned away from following the political scene because I was scheduled for some surgery on my right shoulder. All from a stupid fall in late September. I was nervous, no, scared is the more accurate word.

Held off the surgery until I completed three out-of-town performances of Ready to Serve - the story of WWI nurses - which went very well.

The surgery went well on the 15th and recovery has been easier than I expected which has been  good surprise.

So, now turning to the past to get back to normal.

Working on a new story about WWI nurses in France. I have applied for the 2017 Capital Fringe and I hope the new story will be accepted.

And then there is getting ready for Christmas.

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