A Bit of Elephant

An old sketch book page reminds me how often I have to take many parts and shift them around as I work through problems hoping to find a solution.

Lately I have felt bombarded by changes in the world that I have no answers for so I try to digest them slowly.

This reminds me of the stories of eating a huge elephant one bite at a time - not by trying to swallow it all at one time and ending up choking to death.

Not an easy lesson. But sometimes a start.

For at home care after my recent surgery I engaged a CNA - a certified nursing aide - through a local professional agency. All I asked for was that the aide be a woman and that she speak and understand English because English is my only language. She arrived next day - a slight, gentle and kind woman from Guinea who has fed me well and taken good care of me when I could not fully care for myself.

The only thing she asked of me - -
"I am a Muslim. Do you mind if I take my prayer time?"

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