Surfing Re-newed

Just stepped out of August so the timing it OK.

Began this blog in 2005 - - this post includes one that I wrote that year and then this "surfing redux"
came later.

Now - - -  More about surfing - which seems appropriate on the day I have just brought home a new, faster MacBook Air - which means I will be doing more surfing  - - - - - - -


Surfing redux

I found another August post that I want to re-visit.

Since I don't swim I could never comfortably play in the surf but with the computer I can dive right in
and surf
and surf
and surf.

Two years ago when I discovered the fun of riding the information highway I wrote about my experience.

When I tried to tell my Aunt Loretto about the advantages of having a computer and told her how glad I was for email - - she was quiet for a time before telling me, " Ellouise I have lost quite a few of my friends to the computer - so I don't think I want one."

I know what she means.

Maybe I am one of the ones who is sometimes among the missing.

It is definitely a word to the wise.

From 8/12/2005
Discovering Surfing
When I woke up this morning I lay in bed thinking about things I might or could write about on this blog. Then I realized - I am becoming addicted to the computer.

I love working on the computer.

I have loved working on the computer since we bought our first luggable in the 1980s.

I like the sound of my fingers touching the keys - the light click of my fingernails against the hard plastic. Typing makes me feel so productive.

I love email. Being connected to people - immediately.

Recently we set up WiFi in our home. WOW!

The freedom of not being tethered to my desk upstairs in my office is exhilarating. I can use my laptop in front of the TV, on the dining room table, in the bedroom, everywhere. Instantly I am completely linked.

I have become fascinated by the internet itself - linking and linking and linking - moving further and further afield from where I start. I have discovered surfing - - surfing widely on the web. I did not understand what they meant - its a wild and free ride - - -

I feel so unfettered, yet so productive as I hear myself clicking and clicking and clicking -

No matter that the dishes are in the sink, the bed unmade, my work behind schedule, my lists growing longer and due dates looming larger and closer.


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