On My 80th Birthday

Today is my 80th birthday
Such a day makes you think.

Both my grandmothers died earlier

My mother lived beyond 80.

Now I am on a cusp
and I am making lists to start my new decade.

No more wasting time

Choices are important
  of people, of words, of how one spends the gifts of days.

Every day has always been a gift.

Now even more so.

I remember Jim on his 80th birthday
                   which was a fine June day
                                      five years ago
                                      saying how grateful he was for so many years.

Then in less than six months he was gone.

So a birthday like today
  brings up the reminder of the sand running out.

I hope to make the best use of what time is left to me.

I have a few wishes for my "bucket list"

But its the blessings every day that really counts, isn't it?


Granny Sue said...

Indeed it is, Ellouise! Small blessings every day, and knowing enough to appreciate them.

Still the Lucky Few said...

Happy Birthday, Ellouise! You are certainly making the best of your time, and living a full and wonderful life. Congratulations!