Where is the safe haven?

I don't know how to talk about what is happening in the world and right here at home these days.

Jim and I were in Italy in 2001 on 9/11 when all Hell broke here at home. We watched the airplanes collide with the Towers on a television in our hotel room. That was not the beginning of terrorism but up until then we had not experienced it from abroad on our homeland.

Somehow what happened in Brussels this week has opened  that pocket of pain I felt back then.

Earlier this week terrorists released suicide bombs and killed people in Brussels. At the airport and on a subway. Innocent travelers.

Over 30 people killed by battlefield-like injuries from really meanly constructed bombs that spewed out sharpened pieces of metal. Vicious  shrapnel. Good grief.

Americans were among the victims. A precious young woman in Atlanta lost her sweet-heart. He had called her to let her know he was stepping aboard his train, on his way to the Brussels airport and that he would soon be with her - and several days later she has to absorb that he won't be arriving soon or ever. Parents and family members agonize over their lost or missing family members. Heartbreaking.

CNN covers it all and I am drawn to it like watching a cobra as it prepares to strike me.

Now we can watch the police
work - that is definitely amazing. I remember how startled I was a few years back to see films of the military team executing Bin Laden. Now we just watch such things with our coffee in the mornings. I am not saddened by the "take out" of the #2 man in ISIS - but I am quite queasy that the mission i is talked about as being "well executed." It was an execution!

I know. I know - for the good of all. And he brought it on himself. But, I have to ask myself - why was I watching it? On television -
on Good Friday morning.

I don't have any answers about this. I don't have knowledgeable opinions because my fears and concerns block my long range view. Members of my family will soon be traveling in Europe. In my heart I would like to say "don't go." But I can't do that. I can however light a candle in Faith and pray for travel mercies and a safe return for them.

And I will be watching my own steps here at home - because unfortunately these days it does not feel like the safe haven I thought it was - or as I wish it to be.

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