Blizzard 2016 - One

For days last week the weather TV reporters kept up talking about the story of the coming storm they called the "Snowmagedon". Prepare. Prepare.

Well when I prepared the chimney sweep discovered a problem with the woos stove. So, that changed our plans.

 Yesterday my daughter Karen and I and our two pets, cat - Angel and dog Leia, packed our cars like the old pioneer Conestoga wagons and drove 30 minutes away to Silver Spring to stay with our son and his wife in Silver Spring.

The snow started at 1 pm yesterday afternoon. We settled in quite comfortably in Silver Spring. I slept well in our grand-daughter Alison's bedroom while the snow steadily fell to earth. This morning the world was coated with white. It was peacefully quiet with no cars moving.

I woke to find a guardian watching me from the end of the bed,

The snow has continued steadily all day. Cars have disappeared as have yard furniture. The world has begun to look like a black and white line drawing. 

We have spent the day working on the computer, watching a few movies. some shoveling, and watching the snow being tossed by the winds as it continues to fall. We hardly know what is ahead. Snow continues to fall.The roads are closed by snow. Our lives are altered for a time. No hopping in the car and running errands. There are questions about what comes next. We are here for the duration. Tomorrow I plan to settle down into my work plan - - - but the snow is distracting.

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Still the Lucky Few said...

Good morning, Ellouise! I've been coming to your blog for months, and have, for the first time, listened to one of your videos. This time, it was "Writing in my Book" I was charmed! You are a great storyteller. I'm going back to see other features of your blog I may have missed. I hope you are comfortable and well looked after while you live out this snow storm.Take good care!