Snow Gifts

Friday daughter Karen and I moved out to Silver Spring with son Jim and his wife Monica. Being snowbound has had many good times to catch up with each other. We have spent hours talking about nothings and about the important stuff you don't have a chance to cover during busy work days.

We brought two non-talkers with us - a cat and a dog - who settled in quickly and learned the language to get along in new surroundings on their terms. A cat that rarely sleeps on my bed at home has been sleeping at my feet all night and snuggles on the familiar quilt I brought with me. Karen says she's happy because her humans are here and she trusts us to feed her.

We watched as the snow piled up 30 inches. The world became very quiet because the roads have been blocked and the cars are stopped.  Its now the third day and I am getting itchy to get home - knowing I will miss this unusual "being together" with my East Coast family.

I have learned some important things while I have been here.

Our two grand-daughters are living away right now - -one at an out-of-town law school and the other following her business to the West Coast. But SYPE keeps them close. Watching their warm conversations about life's dailies left me wondering why I have not been using SKYPE with my West Coast Family and other friends, particularly my sisters. We talk and text a lot - but there is a deeper connection when you are face to face.hmm - 

This is one of the reasons I love technology - so many options on ways to keep connected with people you care about. I already have SKYPE and FACE TIME on all my "devices" and anyone who knows me can probably guess that I have many of those things --so what's been holding me back?
Good question. Time to put them to action.

Snow is pretty to look at and a big job to remove but I heard laughter coming from the outside during the doing of the
hard work - that is a good sound!

Now we are waiting for the snow plow to get to our street -

and I till be glad to be home - and taking a few lessons with me

I am happy to have had this extra time with my family - local and extended  through calls and texts - hearing their voices is great - but now I realize Apple can show me their faces as well.!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Reading this reminded me of the times, as young adults with young children, that we spent the night with close friends simply because we wanted more time together. Just being together in a more intimate way than our busy daily lives. Even though we saw each other often it's more relaxed simply chatting late into the night, maybe playing board games, getting up together in the morning and sharing coffee and breakfast.Seeing each other with morning hair!


Exactly! Thanks Sharon for sharing that experience.

Linda said...

Enjoyed your post and report on the blizzard. Sounds like you are my kind of person. I don't know how I lived before we had all these 'devices.' Most frustrating when family and friends don't use computers. I usually let them figure a way to keep up with me. I don't spend a lot of time going back to old forms of communication. The new is too wonderful.

Still the Lucky Few said...

I've been enjoying your posts on this blog (especially about the blizzard), and have seen you on Facebook as well. You are an inspiration!