Stephen White's 1970s Wood-Cut: Artwork as Personal Story, No. 1

Earlier this week I arrived in San Francisco for visit with my daughter and her family.

The surprise for me the last few days have been realizing how many stories there are to gather by reviewing her art work and cataloging how it got to be hers. A lot of the pieces are works I made and others are works I gave her and they there is a whole category of works by Washington artists who have been part of our lives.

Don't you love art works and family treasures that have personal history for you? There is bound to be a story wrapping it!

This large Stephen White wood-cut from the 1970s has history for me and connects to my daughter Robin.

I bought it at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina about 1974 because I loved the ladies and their hats when I saw it in the museum shop. At the time I was a graduate student working on an MFA Degree at American University which kept me in the painting studios or in the museums. The image and composition had so many echoes of Japanese art and Art Deco that I wanted it in my home.

Jim was delighted when I brought it home (which was not always the case with my building art colectionliving with it and in the 1980s loaned it to Robin for her NYC apartment. The loan turned into a gift and she brought it to CA when she moved out here. Ever since..I have loved reconnecting with this image whenever Jim and I came to visit and seeing how it is a part of her life. Amazing to do the math ... It's been part of our lives for 41 years...history building.


Diane Dahli said...

Through the years I have collected art created by artists in our community. Ours is a vibrant city, with hundreds of painters who ply their trade and sell locally. I know many of these artists, and I appreciate so much that behind every piece of art, there is a story.


Hi, Diane.
Thanks for your comment and sharing the way you add art and story to your life! I would like to hear more about that.