Gathering Round

A few things to say.

RE: The Hello Girls

Since September The Hello Girls and I have been cavorting together in five states - TN, MO, MD, SC, and last week in CA.  It has been fabulous - a chance to meet many new people and to hear their reaction to the story.  Thank you to all who have come to hear this story celebrating women veterans and the role they played in WWI history.

We have plans for 2016 so more will be revealed.

But for now I am concentrating on something else - the joy of being with family.

I am in California visiting my daughter Robin and her family - husband Brad and their three boys - now young men. This past week with Robin has been filled with laughter and that is just grand.

Today we are expecting more to join us. We are waiting for my daughter Karen to fly in tonight from Dulles and my grand-daughter Juliana, recently moved to Los Angeles, to drive in this evening. Tomorrow we will crowd around the table to relish the turkey son-in-law Brad is cooking for Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful gathering although there are a few pieces missing.

Son Jim and his wife Monica and their other daughter Alison are in Maryland. Our Shih Tzu is with his breeder. The cat, wrongly named "Angel" is staying with Jim and Monica. I hear she is exploring every inch of their house - including trying to make an escape through the chimney.

Holidays are a blessing, aren't they, for bringing folks together.

Through our memories and stories Jim will be with us.

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