A Little Bit of Luck

In case you are wondering what's going on with these links. I am playing with another blog post on my website. It is part of my New Year's planning - how much can I do and where I should do what. Since I have written on this blog for about ten years it is hard to disconnect from it - so I am testing myself - 

Happy New Year!!! Wishing everyone good fortune and happiness for 2015 - - hoping it will circle back to me too!

Had a bit of luck on New Years Day.
Read about it HERE.http://ellouiseschoettler.com/a-bit-of-luck-on-new-years-day/

December 30 was what would have been Jim's and my 59th wedding anniversary. I wrote a bit about it.
In case you would like to catch up with the past few days: Read it HERE

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