The Unexpected - -

On Christmas Day Karen and I drove to Williamsburg expecting to spend a few pleasant days in a familiar place. If I had had any qualms at all it was because Jim and I enjoyed many visits there during the past 20 years.

The weather was perfect - sunny and warm. We arrived early. Karen and I strolled down the main street of Historic Williamsburg so that I could gather some new photos of the traditional fresh Christmas decorations.

We checked in at Powhatan Plantation and I wrote my Christmas Greeting before we went to the movie - The Imitation Game. 

Read my Christmas Greeting HERE.

We came back -

And I snuggled into bed. Tired.


At 3 am I roused, alarmed. Body alerting me.
Stomach attach.
From then on I vomited every 30 minutes for the next 6 hours -

I did not leave my bed until a day later.

Karen drove home, exhausted, from 36 hours as the nurse on duty.

Today we are enmersed in the Harry Potter Marathon and grateful for full diversion.

I have been asking myself what? how? why? Where did this come from -

I don't know for sure but I have a few guesses -

I had just flown to California on a surprise quick trip when Jim's brother died - glad to be there - It had meant so much to Jim for Tom and his wife to come out to see him to say "good-bye." This was a large family gathering of a wide extended family - and I was very glad to be among them for the good-bye to Tom.

Time with my daughter and her family. Great to see her three young men. And, to spend time with Robin and her husband, Brad. And to have a visit with some special friends.

A long flight back - with many young kids on board - arriving after 11PM.  Very tired and grateful my son was there to collect me.

So, many points of exposure for some unexpected stomach attack.

Or was it a well-timed "stop" - - - catch your breath - before the New Year.


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