Taking a long view

I am writing two posts about these 1954 photos of Johns Hopkins Hospital in the snow, as I think about using pics for prompts for story.

This link will take you to the other post.

 Jim's father was an avid photographer in California when photography was the number one hobby and profession. Jim learned from him - both with still photography and movies.

Jim arrived in Baltimore for medical school with several good range finder cameras his father gave him but not enough money to buy film and develop the images. I am happy we have the few images we do have.  With the ease of digital photography today its sometimes easy to forget it wasn't always that simple or inexpensive.

Jim was particular about documenting the photos and leaving clues of time, location and other notes.
Gives you a way into the story.
I learned that from Jim.

It is the heart of  my ALBUM Story.

This time last year I was writing about a calendar I found in a large plastic tub of souvenirs.  HERE

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