Launching Forth

It is Monday and I feel like I am standing at the "start gate" waiting for the gunshot to set me off.

Lots to do today to "get it together" for my trip to Atlanta Wednesday.
List is done and I am primed----

Practicing stories, preparing paper work, last minute tasks in the house,
and in the midst of all that -
I have started a new project...

Excited and hopeful.

Love that feeling at the beginning of a new venture --- all the balloons going up before you bump up against the obstacles which have to be overcome --- but that you didn't think of at the start.

That's part of it - isn't it.

Knowing that the rapids are somewhere ahead -

I will deal with those - later - and as they come up.

Right now I am going to revel in the personal excitement of

Launching forth - -

More will be revealed.

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