Telling Your Story - Its Your Legacy

The Montgomery Gazette published the 2014 Seniors Edition today and I am very pleased to share an article, Personal Stories: For the Next Generation and Yourselves, with outstanding videographer and personal historian Ronda Barrett. 

 Ronda and I have talked about stories before and we are on the same wave length about the importance of personal stories as family legacy.

She and I will be talking about personal stories in a few weeks when she is a guest on my cable television program, Stories in Time: In Focus. The film will air in April and I will post when it is on line.
 The article is available

Since Gazette writer Scott Harris interviewed me by telephone I was very impressed that he "got" me and his quotes were exactly what I remember saying - - except, for one thing - and it is important enough to me that I want to clarify.

Yes, I am working on a memoir for my children - and anybody who wants to hear it - but it is an oral memoir. I do not  write the stories: I tell them - in short and longer programs. This "legacy" body-of-work is based on memory, experience, and family history.

This video - "The Door Story" -  is a favorite from my Childhood Series.

April 26 West Virginia storyteller Adam Booth and I will share an evening of stories in a House Concert in Chevy Chase, MD. We both have new works. My new story, part of the memoir stories, is "The Calendar: A Romance."

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Granny Sue said...

Great stuff, Ellouise! You continue to forge a path for others to follow.