Leo Tales 1

Hello. My name is Leo.

Ellouise and Jim's friend Susan brought me to Jim as his new mascot when he was in Sibley Hospital last week.  She told him she chose me - a lion with a red velvet heart around my neck - because he is a lion of a man with a big heart.

Jim was discharged from Sibley last Friday and is now at home with Ellouise taking care of him. Montgomery Hospice is supporting Jim's case. They say their goal is to provide care and comfort to the patient and support for the families and especially the principal care-giver - that's Ellouise.

Ellouise tells people she is learning that being under the wings of hospice means more than just end-of life care. Studies show that hospice care can actually support improvement in a patient's status.

1. Today Jim's team came for a visit - to meet Jim and Ellouise and the family. The team is comprised of a chaplin, a social worker and a nurse (RN). The members of this team are an amazingly good fit for Jim and the family. These three will guide all aspects of Jim's care as well as work with the family.

2. Ellouise, with help from family members, is the principal care-giver. It is a 24/7 all-encompassing job until Jim regains some of his strength and can ambulate more on his own as they all hope he will.

3. Fortunately having Jim's office suite on the ground floor of their home provides a comfortable setting
for Jim and Ellouise. Although you could establish a patient zone in any place they are grateful for how their space is working out.

It is late. Ellouise is tired so this has to wind up for now. There are some who have followed and supported Jim in his struggle with cancer so I want to post for them to know how things are going and toask - please keep Jim in your prayers.


Granny Sue said...

Thank you for this update. You are all always on my mind. Strong hearts, strong love--it all comes through in your words.


Hugs back to you Susanna.