Home Again

Is it possible that this time last week we were still in Fresno and I had one more set of Second Hand Rose to tell for the Rogue Festival?

We had another bumpy ride home on Monday. Jim thanked the pilot for setting it down safely. He just nodded and said it had taken "a lot of wrist action." With 25 mph winds at landing we could tell. Enough of that for awhile.

Are you ever hungry for a book that will completely engage you - - capture your imagination? While we were in California I finished reading INKHEART - and was really sorry to come to the end - - except I had volume 2 of the trilogy, INKSPELL in my hands. I had taken the precaution of tracking it down at a local bookstore before we left Robin's so I would be ready. INKSPELL is even better than INKHEART. (but you need to read them both and in order for the full effect) My imagination is more engaged by these books than by anything else in a long time. Its like I was waiting for them.

Hardly caught my breath at home when I was back into action with stories and paper-work. I am happy to have a lot of work right now but it is hard to juggle everything - to keep switching hats constantly so all the balls stay in the air. Storyteller Elizabeth Ellis says a storyteller has to be three people - artistic creator, storyteller, and business manager and she warns that the trick is to keep those three folks meeting in committee so you can maintain your balance. I am calling a meeting - and they had better all be there