Another Day

Back into collecting memories for another Boot Camp led by Max Regan. (Hollowdeck Press) I am still working on a possible memoir.
When I was five years old I fell in love with clicking clattering typewriters. My grandfather had a Royal sitting up on his desk and I would slip in and make some of the wonderful noise. 

When Jim and I got married we went to GoodWill in Baltimore and bought an Underwood classic for $25. Underwood and I kept company on lonely nights when Jim was working or studying. 

When we moved to Brooklyn I wrote three articles on that machine which I was paid real money for and they were published. 

But my top of the list favorite was a Robin's Egg Blue Olivetti portable. When Jim was paid Air Force money he gave me that typewriter for 1964 Christmas. I loved tapping on those keys. 

When I saw your children checking it out and making some music. 
I remembered how I tip-toed into Papa Sams office to play.

I still have my Olivetti. Its a treasure.  

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