What's happening?

Today I received a missive from a small email group of 1954 High School Classmates.  The person who starts a new threads leads off with personal information and ends with, "what's going on with you?"
I am using an adapted version of my response as this Post because it touches base with some things I wanted to write about.

Around here Jim was the one who really enjoyed the daily Washington Post and carried the stacks of it out. I subscribe to the WASH Post, NYT, and others on the internet - which is a lot easier when the news is too much to bear - click its gone - and certainly too heavy to carry to the street.

W, I love blogs - so when I read your references to Sharon Randall I followed you to her blog - where she talked of "being alone with  five sets of dishes and no one to feed."  I do like her. Thanks for the lead.

You say you are also over-whelmed by dusty dishes. That's a familiar feeling for me too.  Its now five years since Jim died and I am considerig taking dishes and lots more to the street as part of a mammoth neighborhood yard sale April 29. I must be serious about doing it because I remember the date on the flyer that was stuck in my front door.

What's happening you ask?

My show about the WWI nurses has caught on. Librarians across Maryland have waked up to the fact that this is 2017 - the 100th Centennial of the US entering WWI - and realizing they do not have a program about it, particularly not one about women.They are passing the word that there is an old woman in Chevy Chase who has such a story. They call me. After living in MD for 53 years, this year  I am traveling the State to places I never heard of .

Last week someone called from a Victorian seaside town three states away and we agreed on a date in November. Ah - the Fringe last July was worth it - so much so that I have entered the Fringe again for this year too. I hope I am not being overly optimistic!!!

To  further delay cleaning the basement, attic and closets I am back to meeting with artists at American University every week to discuss our artwork. Its great being with folks I have known since graduate school at AU in the 1970s and talking art-speak. The complicating time factor is the expectation that each of us is making new art to talk about - - to heck with basement, attic and closets - - - they will have to wait.

Yesterday a friend of mine died in California. Not a surprise. I had been following a blog written by her daughter. I was following because the family does not know me. No-one would have me on their "list to call."

Eleanor and I met in the 1970s when we were both whole-hearted activists for equal rights for women in the arts. She was an amazing woman - a creative, marvelous and well-known artist and teacher coast to coast, a caring friend, a determined activist for fairness  - a regular TN steel magnolia and a unique and brilliant eccentric. Although I haven't seen her in several dozen years, I weep at her leaving.

She was an important member of the cast of people who have been a part in my life - there were times when she was an unforgettable "lead player"- - - a role she will hold with me forever.

That's how it is for all of us isn't it?

So that's what's particularly happening with me these days - its probably better not to launch into what's happening in the world right now! YIKES!!!!

Lovely to be in touch with all of you.

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Granny Sue said...

You are so busy and involved, Ellouise, a real role model. I too have many dishes that get used nowadays about once or twice a year. Everyone has grown up and moved on and we rarely have visitors to cook for. It's life but somehow it happened too quickly.

I am glad your show is catching on! I have passed information about it to many people here in WV. People really need to know this important, overlooked part of our history.