Going Back to West Wing

Hello --

 I haven't written for a few weeks because I've been caught up with all the politics.  Since November 8 I fluctuate  from furious to depressed.

How could this happen in our country?

Watching the hearings for the Cabinet nominee was unbelievable - - - not just with the individuals who were nominated - but for the frustration of realizing that what I am seeing is that the Republicans now have the power....
but more than that - -
that they pass bills in the dark and we wake up to find out what they have done.

As I listen I find myself feeling sorry for those who voted for #45 - especially if they really expected him to come through with all the good things he was going to do for the people who hopefully voted for him.

Wonder how they are feeling? Are they happy with what they have done?

How are they feeling as the Russian issue is more and more revealed and Congress sits on it's hands not investigating the situation.

I feel like screaming. I am not happy and do not expect to be.

How are you doing?

Just one more thing - I am worried - about what the future of health care will mean for me - an 80 year old person. I watched a man at one of the "town halls" calling out about his concerns about his health care- will he be able to have his medicines, what about his medical care, will he die from his illness.

I wonder the same things  - -

How about you?

I listen to Robert Reisch and I resist. I contact my legislators - - and when I do I feel fortunate - they are good guys. I live in a blue state. I know they support the things I care about - health care, education, the arts and on and on.

But - - -they are Democrats - they are limited as to what they can accomplish - -stonewalled.

This  is what I am doing to protect my mental health --- art work, working on my stories - - writing about brave women who served in France during World War 1 - meditating - - and praying.


Oh, yes, when I need a dose of politics -

I watch West Wing!!!!

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