Missiles, Canned Goods and White Shirts

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This is what I call "kitchen table" storytelling.

Sometimes something comes up - sparks a story - and you go ahead and tell it without deep preparation, relying on your memory to feed you the information as you need it. Well, that's what happened the day I told this story for the camera at Channel 16.  I watched the morning CNN News and 20 minutes later when I pulled into the parking lot outside the television studio I had decided to revisit my memories of a time 50 years ago. Perhaps the story will prompt your memories of October 1962 in your home.

This happened a week before Sandy the Frankenstorm loomed on the scene.  Funny that just 4 days later we were putting in supplies and preparing for our "survival" during Sandy.

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Granny Sue said...

I've done the same thing, Ellouise. The first time I told the story of my mom and dad it was straight from the hip--or the lips, I suppose. It had been on my mind to tell it, and it flowed like magic. Since then I've worked on it, but that first telling--I think the spontaneity did something for it.