Women's History Month Storytelling Event.


Fanny Crawford, President of the Washington County, MD League of Women Voters is also a storyteller so its no surprise she worked out a way to bring "story" into the League's celebration of Women's History Month. To give the line-up a bit of a spin she invited two professional storytellers and two elected County Commissioners.

Susan Gordon, Storyteller
Linda Irvin Craig, Former County Commissioner

Ruth Ann Callaham, County Commissioner

Ellouise Schoettler, Storyteller

Think of it - storytellers and politicians sharing the microphone - that makes for lots of good stories.

We celebrated women - our history, gains and losses. looked at today with cautions and concerns - be aware of what's happening and vote responsibly.
The session ended with a reminder -
 - women's stories are the stories of our families. They are our legacy to our daughters and their daughters.

But don't think only we four told stories. Women shared their memories and current concerns. I will particularly remember this story. A woman told of her elementary school teacher years ago - who told her class that the day of the first women's vote she was sick in bed. Her father wrapped her in blankets and drove her to the poll in a horse drawn carriage so that she could be part of the historic event.

My mother was only 8 years old  that day but she remembered how important it was and she never missed a chance to vote - and always told me it was "your duty"- "your privilege".

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Granny Sue said...

Women's history is hidden generally. We're the unwritten history for generations.