Glancing back

Before I close the book on a trip I like to glance back -

Thursday we had a leisurely lunch at a favorite sandwich shop in Walnut Creek.  Nice time together before Jim and I left on a late evening plane - returning home after a very lovely two weeks in California.  Family, grand-parenting, storytelling, touching base with special long-time friends. We loved seeing California from North to South with stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Fresno which is in the San Joaquin Valley mid-state. Making new memories while being warmed by a kaleidoscope of bits of the past.

The Rogue Performance Festival is held in Fresno - which is Jim's home town - making it an ideal place for me to tell my stories because there is also so much for Jim there. But the ultimate draw to the West Coast for both of us is the chance for time with our daughter and her family who live near San Francisco. We have had time to talk, be with them, watch middle-school basketball, and catch up with the "dailies".  On the storytelling side - Robin, who has done so much to help me with the launch and promotion of Pushing Boundaries finally saw a "live" performance - although she knows the program backwards and forwards.

We boarded a Jet Blue flight in Oakland and 4 and a half hours later we stepped out into the concourse at Dulles Airport - a thirty minute cab ride from our front door.

Within a couple of hours Jim and I were sound asleep in our own bed!!!
Today - its back to the real world. 
Unpacking, laundry, and - sorting through the piles of mail - most of which will be tossed. Junk mail is inevitable.
I have a feeling that - even though I am working - this is going to be a night gown day - just because it can be.

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