Tuesday - Happy Birthday, Jimmy - Food memory mis-fire

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Seems just yesterday that your Dad and I held you for the first time at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD. And the stories began. And continue! Sending hugs and love for today and everyday!

Food memory mis-fire.
Yesterday I told my sister in GA about our LaChoy Chicken Chow Mein trip dow memory lane.
"Do you remember that Daddy used to tell us that soy sauce was "pigeon blood." " Unfortunately I did. Daddy left a lot of those tid bits with his kids. Anyway, that led to our talking about food.

At one point Kathy said she thought she would have Creamed Chipped Beef on toast for supper.
We loved that when we were kids and Mama made it often. In fact she liked it as long as she was still eating much food. "I made it for her a few months before she died." Kathy told me.

Thinking about that started me tasting it and wanting some. I asked Jim to pick up several packages of chipped beef this afternoon planning to make it for supper. He came home instead with pre-made creamed chipped beef in a boilable-microwaveable pouch. "This will be easier."
Well it was easier. All you do is boil water and then simmer the pouch for 8 - 12 minutes.
But eat it?
The creamed part is very plasticy. And the taste is artificial. I am not even guessing about the beef bits.
Forget any memories tonight. This was a mis-fire.
Next time I will plan ahead so that I have time to make it from scratch. You know, real cooking.


Dianne said...


Rob and I LOVE creamed chip beef, also. I fix it many times for dinner and it's sooooooooooo good. My mom fixed it for breakfast sometimes when I was young and we kids loved it. So funny how food can trigger so many memories. Hope you and Jim are having a good time in PA.


Emily said...

Both of these foods trigger memories... they were a regular in the meal rotation in our house growing up... cant say they were my favorite, but can definately appreciate "meal rotations" as a mother now... I'm sure mom picked up on the dislike for some meals more than others... my children dont hide their dislike anymore than I did. Happy Birthday Jimmy - from one Scorpio to another.

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