Friday - Chance Encounter, Reviving an Old Tone,

A Chance Encounter

About noon Jim and I exited Hwy 15 at Gettysburg, PA toward our house. We pulled into an old-style ice cream and sandwich drive-in before we headed into town. For a cool day, like today, there is an inside dining room with eight tables. While Jim ordered I glanced around the room - and stopped - at a far corner worktable set up with a table lamp and a portable sewing machine. On a near-by chair hung a half finished Union Army uniform jacket with two rows of shiny brass buttons on the front panel. On the table pieces of Confederate grey wool sleeves with gold braid coiled in a decorative pattern where laid out for assembly. Out fits for Civil War re-enactors.

I asked the woman behind the counter, "Are you the seamstress." She nodded." yes, people bring me their fabrics and patterns and I make the uniforms. I have been doing it for 25 years."
"Are you a re-enactor too."
"Yes, as a Gettysburg civilian. We dress in costume for events, we have even been to the White House in Washington, DC. I can't dress with them right now because I have sold all my garments except for my under-garments."
"You mean you sold the clothes off your back?" She laughed and nodded.

We went on talking about the group she belonged to and their monthly meetings and gathering.
"When we meet in costume at period places its like being back there to those days.That's what I love about it. You are living in the period. That's what makes it so great."

I bet it is. Like living in a story. No wonder the huge attraction that brings people to all kinds of "re-enacting".

Reviving an Old Tone

Later - Jim took his new old guitar to a music shop off the Circle in Gettysburg and they restrung itand cleaned it up. He also bought a "How to Play A Guitar" book. Just strumming the strings - it has a nice sound. So, more will be revealed as Jim starts his lessons.


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