Arte y Pico Award


Granny Sue has tapped Ellouisestory for a

Arte y Pico Award.

The Arte y Pico award was originated by Ana, a blogger and doll maker in Uruguay who wanted to honor the many artistic blogs she visited every day. Isn't it a pretty thing?

Granny Sue is at the top of my list of bloggers so its very special to me to receive it from her! I read Granny Sue's blog every day. It's a visit to her West Virginia Ridge. She welcomes you into the warmth of her world as she writes about her home and family, her West Virginia life, storytelling, friends, and nature. I may never actually step foot on her deck but I feel as though I have already been there.

Thank you, Granny Sue, for your blog and the award.

Now I have a job to do - Pass the award forward to five other bloggers.

I am thinking.