Comfort Book

Re: Artist, Romare Beardeny

Collage by Ellouise Schoettler

Brought this out to look over after I came upon
an article about Romare Bearden - a fantastic collagist.

I met his work in the early 1970s. First in his exhibit at the National Gallery downtown. I took lots of time to become familiar with how he created his magic scenes. I was also drawn to it because seeing the colors and objects cut from magazines reminded me of the hours I had spent making paper dolls cutting
clothes and objects from Sears catalogs and funnies from the newspapers.

Several months later when I was visiting my parents in Charlotte, NC.  I went to the Mint Museum just to wander through the exhibits and check it out.

 "Hello there." I said surprised to see more of Bearden's work in Charlotte. Even more surprised to learn that he too had lived in Charlotte. In the museum "shop" I bought a book with decent color pictures and some fine articles written by Bearden himself. I still have that book and often re-read it. Its like feasting on "comfort food."

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