Daddy Goes Overseas

The WAR started in 1942 after there was the attack on Pearl Harbor. By the time I entered the First Grade at the Elizabeth Elementary School in Sept. my Daddy was leaving for the US Army Air Corps. He would be stationed in South Carolina for his training. Everything was changing.
We now had three children in the family because Mama had had my sister Kathy. Mama moved us to a rental home that was on 7th Street - only a block from Granny's home which was also on 7th Street
I was so happy to be closer to her house. Granny arranged to have the rose bushes pulled up in her side yard. Itgave her space to plant a "victory" garden. We ate delicious vegetables in the summer and Granny canned as much as she could for us to eat during the winter.
Every evening Granny and Dad Jack listened to the news on the radio. If I was spending the night I sat next to Granny and listened with them without saying a word.
Daddy gave me an "over seas" cap before he shipped out. He was assigned to a base in India where he worked with a crew of mechanics who maintained the planes that flew the dangerous flight "over the hump" - that's what they called the mountains - to drop supplies into China.
Mama wrote to Daddy every night -
I always wore that cap as I stood at the curb and saluted the soldiers in the convoy trucks making so much noise on 7th street. All the soldiers laughed and saluted back to me as they rumbled by in front of our house.

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