Catching Up

On June 25 I marched over to Holy Cross Hospital for a long needed hip replacement. The surgery went well. Four days later I was transported to
a live-in REHAB facility near my home. After almost three weeks I will finally be going home in two days. I am eager to be back home.

Have you ever been painfully homesick like a kid sent to camp for the first time. That's how I have been feeling as I entered the 3rd week.  Only my own bed and being surrounded by years of familiar things will take care of that.

This REHAB facility  is a good place and the physical therapy to get me back on my feet and walking has been excellent. When people tell me I am moving along well - much faster than expected - I am grateful!

My family has been wonderfully supportive - coming in often to visit and eat meals with me - even when the food has been disappointing.  They formed a committee and shared their time generously which helped me through every day.

Friends have stopped by and good conversations have been welcome and encouraging. Cards, calls and social media have knit together warm connections.

Later I will probably add some stories to share my glimpses of the daily lives of others here who have lived on my hall and will not be fully restored in body, mind or spirit.
I had not expected that in addition to my physical treatments I would be fully engaged in an emotional education of days of infirm elders. I leave here filled with things to think about and ponder. I expect
some changes in how I will prioritize what's important.

Grateful storytelling will give me ways to sort things out.

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