Under my Quilts

Facebook Post - December 16, 2017

There is still a slight remnant of the sleeting from last night on the street but the sun is shining this morning. Ah,happiness because Karen and I are driving to Baltimore this afternoon for a joyous wedding. The mother of the bride is Karen's long time friend and she was one of my Brownie's in my first Girl Sout Troop. Remember the Girls Scout Brownies, third grade girls wearing brown uniforms when they rang your front door bell to sell Girl Scout Cookies? 
Today I woke up early and stayed for a long while in my toasty warm bed.
Its my favorite work place where I am warm between blue flannel sheets under two colorful quilts - one faded that Jim and I slept under and a newer quilt that I am breaking in. 
My old hand-made wooden farm bed from Texas is a thinking place where I ramble through memories and sort them for stories. Where I remember people who have left and I feel comforted by visiting with them. And of course I often chat with Jim before the warm spell is broken. It all works for me.
Right now I am thinking of hopping on trains and planes to re-trace trips to some interesting places that often tested my good-sense and my courage. Some of the memories have me laughing....and that feels good.

But I didn't stay there all day even though I would have liked it.


Mother of the bride said...

Ellouisestory, we came across your blog by chance and really enjoyed your story! Thank you for sharing. Have a happy New Year from all of our teams :)

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