Taking Stock of March

Taking stock of March.

There has been a lot going on - from lovely sun warmed days to icy snow.

There was a time when March was just another month - but since March 6, 2012 the month of March dominates my year - every year.  I don't know whether it makes it to "Ides of March" but it  really marks a seismic change in my life that is very difficult for me to accept and live with.

March 6 was the fifth anniversary of Jim's death in 2012. It works for me to close my front door and stay home.  We moved into our home in 1970 so the house has collected many memories which wrap me in hugs.  There are tears. In the evening there is time with our family, and a Mass for Jim. Next next day, warm and sunny, I took beautiful red roses to Arlington.

Five years - there is change - no doubt about that  - - but I am learning to live with it -

After the first few days of March an utterly icky virus settled in and brought me no joy at all. Saw doctors, took tests and medicines and felt miserable - just as so many are also been doing. Its hard for me to be sick without Jim near-by because he was always my favorite doctor - - thank God my primary doctor is terrific - calls, takes care and keeps in touch. A blessing.

Last week-end even though I was not 100% better I told Ready to Serve for a full-house audience at a very nice library in Abington, MD.  The room was filled with fabulous listeners and some people shared WWI stories from their own families - which is always a real plus.

Every year I vow I will complete may income taxes early and smirk as I send them on their way. Well, I did not do that again this year.  The past few days my daughter Karen is helping me get my Taxes together before I leave for Georgia next week-end to tell the nurse's story in Athens.  This is my fourth time telling stories there and I am looking forward to telling the story and to seeing these folks who like my stories enough to invite me back.

Over-all - not just in March - there is the daily pall from 1600 PA Avenue.


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