Getting it Together

When I walked into the house Monday afternoon after 4 days away in Kansas City the cat checked me over before coming close. How do I tell her that I am lashed to the computer all day and tomorrow preparing to take off again on Sunday - this time The Hello Girls and I are going to Anderson, SC.  Looking forward to being there where I can pop in and order sweet tea and grits anytime I want them and they will be there waiting for me.

Also happy to be presenting The Flesh on Old Bones workshop which shows people how to use genealogy techniques to find and enrich their stories.  I love it. Spent all day tracking down a woman who went to France during WWI, who is from Anderson, SC and who I think may be a character in a story I am working on. Went onto Ancestry. com and got lost - - but came back with a wealth of material that just maybe the steak of a new story. This kind of research and finding stories is what opened the way to storytelling for me some twenty plus years ago - - - I still love playing at being Nancy Drew, especially when the puzzle pieces are fitting together.

Now on to the laundry or I won't even be going to the grocery store.

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