Tales from Leo: Winding Up

Hello. It's Leo here.

Jim has died. March 6 at 4:15 pm. In his bed at home with Ellouise holding him.
 Ellouise and her closest family had time at home with him afterwards - I heard Ellouise saying, "this is one of the rewards of being with Hospice and staying at home."

Watching them I can tell you it was loving, beautiful and a very special time.

Ellouise told the Hospice Chaplin that she will write about this experience later but right now she is very busy
with arrangements for his Memorial Mass. "I want it to celebrate his life and to be something he would love."

There is a little time. Robin and her family will return from California. Jim will be buried later at Arlington National Cemetery.

How is Ellouise? Incredibly sad --- but making it through with help from her family and from her "tribe"... some close by and some from far away who come and wash the dishes, make Ratatouille, sing songs, send cards, call, write - or post.
She sends love to all.


Granny Sue said...

Dear Leo, I am sad too, sad for Ellouise and her wonderful family. Thank you for telling us how peaceful it was. An ending, and a beginning of a new journey for them both.

Laura said...

Dear Leo,
Thank you for telling us this story. Please let Ellouise know we all love her and are thinking about her and the family.
And here's a big hug for you, too.

Marilyn said...

Dear Leo,

I feel that I have come to know both Ellouise and her wonderful Jim. I will keep them in my thoughts. I know that Ellouise is both loving and brave and that the future will require her to be both.

Sandra D said...

Dear Ellouise, I'm so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. What a wonderful life and marriage to celebrate. My love and prayers are with you and your family and friends at this time. Love you, Sandra

Anonymous said...

Ellouise, my most sincere condolences at the death of your husband. May God's comforting peace surround you with His Love.

CHS school friend, Marie Beatty Robinson