Jonesboro Day 2

Jim and I started out early this morning but even so we ran into Virginia storytellers Ralph and Margaret Chatham on Main Street proudly sporting quite a collection of Jonesboro fabric swatches. Each one of those patches is an entry badge for a festival here - that represents lots of stories and great memories.

Jim and I hurried on to the Pancake house for breakfast. Housed in a 1920s bunglalow which is now the restaurant, the Pancake House serves good food cooked on order. " Its home cooking - served in an old home." the owner quipped. We ate hearty knowing that we had a busy day ahead. Today was our first shift as tent monitors - and we also knew it would be a long day - past midnight by the time we had seen Andy Offut Irwin's Midnight Cabaret.

Three story highlights:

Beth Horner - excellent teller using famly stories and genealogy - how have I missed her before.

Michael Reno Harrell : NC musician and storyteller, laid back style and wonderful voice. I will be telling with him nex week-end in KY so glad to preview his stories.

Minton Sparks: using words, images and movement to make spot on comments about life and people. Will be looking for more of her tomorrow,

Stories enriched by meeting people, catching up with internet friends and spending time with Donald and Letty Nance -
Donald and I go back as far as Elizabeth Elementary School in Charlotte, NC and about four years ago discovered that we share this love of stories and Jonesboro.