De Ja Vu

October has not started off on high notes.

The newspapers and television news programs report one dire event after another.
School shootings, terrorist incidents and lately scandals on Capitol Hill.

No wonder young people are anxious these days.
They are not safe. And they know it.
Who are they to trust.

People walk into schools carrying guns and shoot school principals, their classmates, or most recently, truss up young girls and execute them - - as happened recently in peaceful Lancaster, Pa.

How ironic that our violent life life invaded a one room school in the Amish county where people attempt to live beside but not in the modern world.

And at the heart of Congress on Capitol Hill 16 year old pages are not safe and protected from elected sexual predators.
And more - that the leaders charged with their safety look the other way rather than risk partisan power.

I was talking with a colleague about this today and she said, "Why aren't people up in arms about this?"

Why aren't they?

Why aren't I?
It reminds me of the October when the 'sniper" was roaming our area and I felt numbed with the uncertainty and fear.